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Anna Paquin is a young up and comer in the world of Hollywood.  Anna is in her 20’s and is part of the newest generation of Hollywood actresses. She has appeared in movies for a long time, beginning in the award winning movie “The Piano”. Anna Paquin received an Oscar for her role in the movie “The Piano” which made her the second youngest to ever receive this brilliant award.  She has gone on to star in the popular “X-Men” movies and also now in the highly successful vampire series “True Blood” on HBO.  This lovely lady is truly a classy actress and her acting is clearly amazing. She has been acting since she was a young girl and now she has clearly established herself as an actress who can hold her own and become a true success. In many eyes, her acting career has already become one to envy.

Anna Paquin has got it going on and her looks are another part of her appeal. She is typically a brunette but she is a blonde for the TV series “True Blood.  Men all over the world fell for her on X-men and now they are swooning for her as she is the sultry Sookie on “True Blood”.  Anna Paquin often appears topless in the “True Blood” series.  She often is filmed making love to her vampire boyfriend who is also her real-life husband Stephen Moyer. We will update often with sexy and even nude Anna Paquin photos and videos so that you can get your fill of this sultry actress. 

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